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Our Story


Hey Friends!

Over the past ten years, I've had multiple jobs, but they weren’t fulfilling. My family background consisted of everybody working a 9-5 and although there is nothing wrong with that, it wasn't the vision I saw for my future.

I started out making natural aromatherapy candles for my family and friends. At that time, it was just a hobby, but everyone loved their candles and wanted more, even offering to pay for them!!


After pondering the idea for almost a year and giving away over 100 candles lol, I decided that being a candle maker was my niche…but I still wanted more!   That was the moment I decided to make Full of Lyfe a natural self-care brand.

Was I nervous?  ABSOLUTELY!! But that nervousness was met with excitement because I knew the work I’d put in adequately formulating each product, experiencing the results for myself, through others, and sustaining a recurring clientele.

I am my brand and I stand behind my products.


Our product line includes Whipped Body Butter, Body Scrubs, Bath Salts, Hair Growth Serum, Sleepy Time Oil, Body Wash, and Lip Balm. I mastered my talent and stuck to my original idea to have an all-natural business.

Becoming a natural self-care brand is not only physical work but also requires mental work. My passion and purpose are to not only provide my customers with amazing products but also to educate them as well.

Through many books I have purchased, product research, watching videos, and ongoing education, I have achieved my goal and I am proud to share my passion with you!


Healing is in the hands…

Our products are handcrafted, smell fantastic, are chemical-free, packaged beautifully, and produce results.

 We make natural products that cater to the everyday needs of men, women, and children. Our quality products and ingredients will have you glowing while healing you in many ways.

Since I started this journey, I have had people fully committed to only using Full of Lyfe products. Seeing the results from others will always be a significant accomplishment because knowing that I helped someone grow their hair back, healed their eczema, get rest at night, and love their skin again makes me more than happy.


Come join us on our journey as we spread love,

peace and healing from the outside in…


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